iPhone 4 /4s Screen Repair

From: $68.90



Ok, we don’t actually ‘repair’ broken screens, we replace them. The likelihood is, if your screen is cracked, looks funny or just isn’t working right, you need a new one.

Mobile Device screens are made of two parts. The ‘top glass’, or touchscreen, is called a ‘digitizer’. The part under that glass, the one you actually see the images on, is your LCD.

In the case of MOST cell phones, if one of those pieces is damaged, you have to replace them both because the two parts are glued together in an expensive press in the factory. If your digitizer and LCD are glued together, I *WILL NOT* attempt to separate them. I’ve tried before and it’s never worth it.

Before you start browsing our prices (below), please take a moment to verify what model your device is, because most parts are NOT interchangeable and the prices can be very different from one model to the next.

If you have an Apple device, please click the following link to verify which device you have: Apple Device Verification

As always, if you  have any questions, we would love to hear from you!