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Web Services

We offer various Website services:

Web Design – this isn’t our primary business and we are not graphic artists, but we can put together a decent, respectable website for you, whether you’re interested in a very basic html site (old school), a slick WordPress site (this site WordPress based), Joomla, or other types of website. We can usually put something together pretty quickly, depending on how complex your needs are, and usually far cheaper than the other companies out there. If you’re curious, give us a call and we can give you more information. This website (compchickshop.com) is a Woocommerce based WordPress site that I designed and created. My main website (computerchickwv.com) is a template-based WordPress site that I designed and created.

I’ve added links (or pictures) for some other site projects I’ve been involved with in the past.

(Note: WordPress and Joomla sites allow you to easily go in and edit your content without my help)

Web Hosting: We can host your website on our reliable server. We offer a generous hosting package with very few restrictions for a very reasonable price.

Domain Registration: We can register your custom domain (ex. MyDomain.com), or transfer your current domain to our server for a modest fee.

Website Updates: We can do ‘updates’ to YOUR website, whether it’s hosted by us or someone else. We charge by the hour for this service and it’s very reasonably priced.

Any other questions? Please feel free to call and ask!

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This is one of the early html sites I designed and created. While not impressive, it served its function.
The website is still online, but no longer updated.

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Raleigh County WV

This is a Joomla website I designed and created for Raleigh County. After the initial creation, they took over the management and updates, so I don’t take credit for the current design. Still, it gives an example of a flexible website which can be created and easily maintained.

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This is a simple WordPress forum I created.

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Credit App Form

This is an online credit app form I created for Greg Lilly Auto Sales to their specifications.
This links to an active credit app – do not fill it out unless you actually want to submit a credit app to Greg Lilly Auto Sales.

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This is a website I worked on, updating images and creating paypal cart buying options.
(personal contact info removed because site is no longer active)

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This is a simple WordPress site I designed for a non-profit.

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A simple, one-page html site designed by the client.

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This is a website I designed. It is no longer online. This was an html/WYSIWYG site.


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