Data Services

24821Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Be PREPARED, not SORRY!!

Protect your valuable data with regular Data Backups!! (‘data’ means Pictures, Documents, Important Files and sometimes with Cell Phones – Contacts, Text Messages, etc)

Data backups can be Automatic, Scheduled or Manual.

We can help you protect your data, before it’s too late.

Types of Data Backup Services we offer:

External Hard Drive – Automated Backup Setup: One time fee $35 (does not include the cost of external drive to hold data). Just come in and we will help you get an automated backup scheduled on your computer. We will help you decide what data to back up and when. This method of backup is better than nothing, but it does rely on making sure the hard drive is connected when it is time for the backup to occur, as well as running the risk of data loss if the external equipment is damaged.

Cloud Backup through BackBlaze!! – Just $5/Month – This is the most reliable data protection available. Backblaze is available for PC and Mac. To read about this system and sign up, just Click Here – BACKBLAZE CLOUD BACKUP

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If the worst happens and disaster strikes before your data has been securely backed up, we can usually transfer your data from one device to another, save it to external media (such as an external hard drive, USB Drive, DVD, SD-Card) and we also offer Data Recovery Services for data that has been accidentally erased and from damaged hard drives.

Devices we have successfully recovered data from in the past: iPhones, Samsung phones, other Cell phones, damaged hard drives, old computers that no longer work, floppy drives, and more!

Standalone Data Backup – $60/100GB (includes up to four DVDs of data, or transfer to an external hard drive)
Additional DVDs are $10 each, Duplicate Search add-on is $10 extra.

Data Recovery (from a failed hard drive) – $100 + $50/Additional Day. Please understand that Data RECOVERY Services often take hours and hours to perform, with NO GUARANTEE they will be successful.

Data Backup and Recovery includes up to four DVDs (approx 28G) of data, or transfer to an external hard drive. Additional DVDs are $10 each.

In the case of terminally damaged hard drives, we have a mail-in data recovery service we use.
Mail-In Data Recovery Services averages $300 – $500. Recovered data is saved to company-provided external media.
There is a small fee if data recovery is not possible.

Prices do not include sales tax, or the cost of data backup media (if needed) such as external hard drive, Thumb Drive, CD/DVD, etc unless otherwise specified.