Data Services

24821We can usually transfer your data (‘data’ means Pictures, Documents, Important Files and sometimes with Cell Phones – Contacts, Text Messages, etc) from one device to another, save it to external media (such as an external hard drive, USB Drive, DVD, SD-Card) and we also offer Data Recovery Services for data that has been accidentally erased and from damaged hard drives.

Please understand that Data RECOVERY Services often take hours and hours to perform, with NO GUARANTEE they will be successful.

Devices we have successfully recovered data from in the past: iPhones, Samsung phones, other Cell phones, damaged hard drives, old computers that no longer work, floppy drives, and more!

Prices do not include sales tax, or the cost of data backup media (if needed) such as external hard drive, Thumb Drive, CD/DVD, etc.

Data Backup Services $15.95 – $35.95

Data Recovery Services start at $79.95

In the case of terminally damaged hard drives, we have a mail-in data recovery service we use, but it’s very expensive. That service starts at $300 – however they only charge small, nominal fee if they are unable to recover your data.