Computer And Laptop Repair Services

Is it time to replace that old computer? Probably not!

Whether your computer is running slow, overheating, not turning on or just ‘acting funny’, we can figure out what is causing the problem and give you some repair options. Of course, we can never tell you if it’s ‘worth’ repairing, that is up to you!

MOST issues cost less (and sometimes MUCH less) than the cost of replacing your device and if you do decide it’s time to get a new one, there is a good chance we can save those important files for you, and even transfer them to the new computer if you want!

Check out some of our services below and as always, we would love to hear from you if you have any questions, or don’t see what you need listed below.

System Tune-Up / Diagnostic Services

Not sure what’s wrong with your computer? We can diagnose it for you. This service includes complimentary Cleaning / Dusting, hardware diagnostics and (if possible) basic ‘tune-up’ services such as Disk Defrag, Remove Unwanted Software, Delete Temp Files, Optimize StartUp Options

Basic Diagnostic is $15.95 – System Tune-Up / Advanced Diagnostic $35.95

Virus Removal / Factory Reset

Your computer has been slowing down, you get strange pop-ups and notices, things are acting crazy, you think you might have a virus? Our recommended ‘fix’ for this is our Factory Reset Service. This service includes:

Hardware Diagnostic Scan – We don’t want to waste your time, or ours, if you have hardware issues causing the problems! We check the major components of your computer (when possible) and let you know if we find a problem

Free AntiVirus – We can install well trusted, free AntiVirus Protection to help protect your computer from future infections. Alternately, if you prefer to keep your own AntiVirus Protection, we may be able to install the software for you.

Updates – We will install available updates before sending your computer home. Understand that you may be asked to install additional updates, we can only install the updates we see!

Cleaning / Dusting – We vacuum any dust from inside the computer (desktop) or vacuum and clean the keyboard and screen (laptop) as well as any external air vents ($15.95 value)

Please understand that this service completely removes all of your personal data from the computer. You may back your data up to an external device before you bring it in, or we can save your data (if possible) for an additional fee of $15.95 – $49.95

Factory Reset Service costs $69.95 – $99.95 depending on the complexity.
Mobile Device Factory Reset is $35.95

Password Reset (Any Windows Computer or Mobile Device)

Don’t remember your password to login to Windows? We can remove or reset it for you. This does not lose any of your personal data for a Windows computer, however it will lose all personal data for a Mobile Device reset.
Password Reset – $35.95

 Data Services

Do you need those pictures or documents from an old computer? Do you want to save important files to an external device? Is your hard drive damaged and you can’t access your data? We may be able to help! Understand that although we will do our best to recover and preserve your valuable data, we cannot guarantee data recovery from a damaged hard drive in any way.

Data Backup $15.95 – $49.95 Data Recovery Services – $79.95 (no guarantee)

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Your laptop keyboard isn’t working correctly, keys are sticking, missing or not responding. We can replace most laptop keyboards for a flat fee of $65, including labor. A deposit of half down may be required if we must order the part.

Laptop Battery or Charger Replacement

We sell most laptop Batteries and Chargers for $20 – $30. A deposit may be required if we must order the part.

Please call us with any questions or to set up any of these services!